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Make positive change at UT and learn how to join our team! As a student governance organization, our mission is to work with university leadership to improve the academic culture of our campus and advocate for students' academic needs.

Senate Application and Membership

Application Process

The first round of the application process is to submit written materials. A link to the Senate Incoming Member Application can be found here, and will also be sent via email and GroupMe. If you have questions about this, please contact the Membership Director at

To best prepare an application, we suggest speaking with current and former Senate members. We value concrete answers that clearly outline the applicant’s vision for the future of academics at UT Austin. There are many opportunities for prospective Senate members to engage with our community during and before the application period, including tea-times, coffee chats, office hours, and information sessions.

The second and final round of the application process is interviews. This year, this step will include group and individual interviews. If selected, we will then nominate you to your respective college, and our college council leadership will confirm or deny your nomination.

If you have any questions about Senate, the application process, or opportunities for incoming members, please email our Membership Director at

Membership Requirements

To maintain active status, members must fulfill the requirements below.

  • Attend Internal General Assembly + Committee Meetings (every other Thursday)

  • Attend Member Development Workshops (every other Tuesday)

  • Engage in Diversity and Community Events/Initiatives

  • Attend External Events

  • Conduct Outreach

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Senate Recruitment Timeline

Senate Summer

Learn more about Senate! Think about what committees you might want to join, what initiatives you are interested in pursuing, and why! Talk to some current Senate members about ongoing initiatives through SMOP, our Senate Mentorship Outreach Program. 

August 13: 10:00 AM: Application Opens

The Senate incoming member application opens on August 15th. It can be found on the Senate website, and will also be sent to the mailing list. Contact the Membership Director if you have any questions.

August 13-September 10: Engagement Activities

There are multiple tea times, coffee chats, information sessions, and other engagement opportunities during this period! Check our social media, emails, and GroupMe to learn about upcoming engagement opportunities.

September 11: 6:00 PM: Application Closes

Applicants will be notified of interview offers throughout the week. Interviews will be held that same weekend.

September 19-22: O-Week

Incoming member orientation week. You can rank your committee preference rankings at the end of the week.

Senate Activities

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is a New Member?


A. Our New Member class is made up of 48 students. New Members that are accepted into Senate go through Orientation Week, where they learn about the structure of Senate, committee initiatives, and get to know other New Members and committee chairs. New Members will then be placed on 1 of 8 committees based on interests and will work year-long with the committee on different initiatives that benefit the student body. To learn more about the committees and the New Member program, take a look at the informational pamphlet and the info session powerpoint linked above! After orientation week, new members are referred to as members or incoming members.

Q. Do I have to choose a committee before I apply?


A. Yes. New to the 2023-2024 member application is the committee ranking, and a question about the specific types of initiatives that the applicant might want to pursue. Therefore, it helps to be familiar with existing committee initiatives before applying. Although, accepted members can change their ranking after O-week.

Q. How competitive is the process?


A. We will accept up to 48 members in our incoming class. If the 

selections committee feels like less than 48 new members meet  requirements, we reserve the right to admit a class of less than 48.

Q. Do I have to be a freshman to apply?


A. For our New Member class, we are looking for students of all majors, years, backgrounds, and experiences. You do not need to be a freshman to apply. 

Q. Do I have to be interested in government to apply?


A. We are looking for students of all years, majors, backgrounds, and experiences. You do not necessarily need to be interested in government or legislation to apply. Senate works on many different issues in many different avenues of change including events, workshops, town halls, and fundraising. Take a look at the info session powerpoint to learn more about Senate’s past and current initiatives. 

Q. When are the meeting times?


A. Member development workshops are on every other Tuesdays, time TBD. Internal General Assemblies (iGA) and committee meetings are a 2 hour commitment every other Thursday evening (6-8 pm and 7-9 pm on alternating Thursdays). These are required.

External General Assemblies (exGA) are optional for members unless they are presenting to the assembly.

If members cannot make required meetings, they can work out a schedule that works with the membership director,


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