Who We Are

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The Senate of College Councils is dedicated to improving the academic experience at UT Austin. 

Since 1966, our mission has been to improve the academic culture of our campus, raise awareness of the academic strength of the university, and ensure that The University of Texas at Austin is and remains a “university of the first class.” Senate is a student governance organization that advocates for both graduate and undergraduate students at the institutional level.

Who Makes up the SCC?

The Senate of College Councils is comprised of two main entities: the internal coordinating body and the college councils.

Our internal body includes an executive board, leadership team, and eight committees. The executive board provides strategic oversight and manages the daily operations of the Senate. Led by the leadership team, the committees each focus on a specific area such as academic affairs, equity and inclusion, and undergraduate research.

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The college councils consist of representatives from every college and school within UT Austin. These councils form our General Assembly, which meets regularly to discuss and vote on policies and initiatives that impact the academic experience of all students.

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How We Differ from Student Government

While the Senate of College Councils and Student Government share a commitment to improving student life, our focus is distinctly academic. We deal with matters related to curriculum changes, academic policy, and faculty affairs, while Student Government covers a broader range of issues, including campus services and community affairs. Our concentrated approach allows us to address academic issues thoroughly and advocate for students effectively in areas that directly impact their studies.

Through our efforts, we aim to foster a welcoming academic environment that empowers every student, giving them the resources and opportunities to excel in their educational journey at UT Austin. Together, we work to ensure your voice is heard, and your academic interests are represented and addressed.

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Senate of College Councils (SCC)

SCC's internal structure includes an executive board and eight committees, each addressing different academic issues. These committees create policy recommendations, develop programming, and build relationships across UT.

The College Councils

Each of the college councils works diligently to improve the academic experience within their respective colleges. They also represent the students within their college in the SCC General Assembly and play an integral role in shaping the overall academic direction of UT Austin.

Senate Family

SCC 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 Presidents and Vice Presidents

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Institutional History


College council presidents begin to collaborate and share resources on university-wide academic issues.




November 9, 1966

The Senior Cabinet is formed by the college council presidents to advocate for students in academic affairs, plan course registration, and welcome events.




July 27, 1973

The Constitution of the Senate of College Councils receives approval from the Board of Regents of the UT System. Senate is recognized as the official voice of students in academic affairs.




Notable Legislation

S.R. 105: A Student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.(11/21/2002)

S.R. 402: Encouraging the Formal Recognition of Programs and Certificates on the Academic Transcript

S.R. 409: Encouraging Student Involvement in the Faculty Hiring Process (01/24/2008)

S.R. 1503: A Resolution In Support of Including the CMHS Crisis Line and the Behavior Concerns Advice Line (BCAL) on UGS Syllabi (09/24/2015)

J.R. 21-01: A Joint Resolution In Support of Increasing the Maximum Number of COVID-19 Pass/Fail Exceptions to Accommodate Students Affected by the 2021 Winter Storm (04/08/2021)

S.R. 2114: A Resolution in Support of The State of LGBTQIA+ Affairs at UT Austin (2022) (04/07/2022)





The Senate of College Councils continues its work to improve the academic experience at UT Austin. We hope you’ll be a part of this continuing history!