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College Councils

Each of the college councils works diligently to improve the academic experience within their respective colleges. They also represent students in the SCC General Assembly and play an integral role in shaping the overall academic direction at UT.

College Councils

Almost every school and college at UT has a college council, which works to improve the academic experience of students within their college.

The college councils provide programming on the academic environment, student-faculty interaction, and the university community. The Senate of College Councils is the coordinating body that brings together the college councils to represent UT students in academic affairs and provide student opinion on academic issues to the University's administration.

Texas Education Council -- College of Education on a blue circle

College of Education

Education Council

President: Elena Nguyen
Vice President/Senate Representative: Areza Sheikh
Treasurer: Elisa Lee

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FAF on a purple to blue gradient

College of Fine Arts

Fine Arts Council

President: Sophia Greenberg
Vice President/Senate Representative: Sophia Greenberg
Treasurer: Sean O’Neill

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Graduate Public Affairs Council logo

LBJ School of Public Affairs

Graduate Public Affairs Council

President: Reeves Moseley
Vice President/Senate Representative: Matt Zachary
Treasurer: Jose Silva

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Liberal Arts Council Logo

College of Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts Council

President: Shanzeh Mirza
Vice President/Senate Representative: Dadrien Whittington
Financial Director: Jessica Chen

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Natural Sciences Council, Est. 1972

College of Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences Council

President: Arvind Subramanian
Vice President/Senate Representative: Shreya Vunnava
Treasurer: Hamming Li

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Pharmacy Council Logo: mortar and pestle

College of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Council

President: Christopher Battey
Vice President/Senate Representative: Navin Kumar
Treasurer: Claire Jahnke

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Student Engineering Council logo

Cockrell School of Engineering

Student Engineering Council

President: Shashank Easwar
Vice President/Senate Representative: Sebastian Diaz
Financial Director: Sanjna Ganjam

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Undergraduate Business Council Logo

McCombs School of Business

Undergraduate Business Council

President: John Mark Grant
Vice President/Senate Representative: Max Beard
Treasurer: Chengxi Gang

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"Texas Geosciences" on a satellite image of the globe

Jackson School of Geosciences

Undergraduate Geological Society

President: Madison Callan
Vice President/Senate Representative: Leah Kegerreis
Financial Director: Andrew Flynn

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Texas UE Council

School of Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Exploratory Council

President: Anvi Bora
Vice President/Senate Representative: TBD
Financial Director: TBD

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UTNSA Logo. Hands holding red heart with cross in the center, "Established 1955" written below

School of Nursing

University of Texas Nursing Students' Association

President: Kate Crawford
Vice President/Senate Representative: Gracie Jensen
Financial Director: Si Yyun "Sonia" Kim

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School of Architecture

Undergraduate Architecture Student Council

President: Michelle Alex
Vice President/Senate Representative: Marty Hightower
Fiancial Director: Daniel Guerra

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Moody College of Communication

Communication Council

President: Madison Morris
Senate Representative: Linley Brown
Financial Director: Giselle Yoshimoto

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Dell Medical School

Dell Medical School Student Senate

President: --
Vice President/Senate Representative: --
Treasurer: --

Cockrell School of Engineering

Graduate Engineering Council

President: --
Vice President/Senate Representative: --
Treasurer: --

School of Nursing

Graduate Nursing Student Association

President: --
Vice President/Senate Representative: --
Treasurer: --

Steve Hicks School of Social Work

Social Work Council

President: --
Vice President/Senate Representative: --
Treasurer: --