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Senate is not just committed to representing student interests, 

but also to providing resources to support your overall academic success and university experience on the 40 Acres. Here, you'll find a range of tools and opportunities designed to empower every student.

Campus resources

The Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund exists to support the financial wellness and personal wellbeing of our students. The fund aims to provide financial support when a verified emergency has impacted a student's health, safety, or wellbeing.

Visit the UT Outpost

UT Outpost is the free on-campus food pantry and career closet for all currently enrolled students at UT Austin. Emergencies and financial hardships can affect students in and outside of class. UT Outpost is here to support students with healthy food and gently used professional clothing.

Our Resources and Databases


The Senate of College Councils is proud to offer five unique scholarships each year to eligible students. Whether you're planning to study abroad, working on improving your academic performance, engaging in undergraduate research, or navigating your university experience as a non-traditional student, we have a scholarship for you. Learn more about eligibility and application details for each of our scholarships.

Class Concern Form

If you are facing an issue with a class or a professor, we recommend you reach out to the professor directly and ask if a certain accommodation can be made. If you feel the professor’s proposed resolution is unreasonable, you may reach out to the professor’s department chair which can be found here. If the issue persists or if you feel it's beyond individual resolution, our Class Concern Form is here for you. Once you submit the form, we will reach out to the appropriate parties.

Sexual Misconduct Database

Campus safety and transparency are of utmost importance to us. According to UT Austin Title IX reports provided by the Center for Access and Restorative Engagement (CARE), there have been 30 cases of sexual misconduct involving University of Texas at Austin employees from June 2013 until September 2019. Please note that UT Austin Title IX investigations are not criminal investigations, and their findings are based on a lower standard of proof than in criminal cases. This project tracks only incidents reported to the university and disclosed to the public.

The UT Austin Sexual Misconduct Database is a collaborative initiative that aims to bring transparency to these incidents. Visit the database's site to learn more and stay informed. Included is a list of professors and staff who were involved in cases of sexual misconduct, according to UT Ausitn Title IX reports.

If you need to report a Title IX case or require more information on the process, please visit the website of the Center for Access and Restorative Engagement (CARE) here. Remember, you are not alone, and resources are available to support you.