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The Senate of College Councils at UT Austin is more than just a representative body — 

it's a dynamic community of passionate students working tirelessly to foster a productive and welcoming academic environment. We welcome you to join us, contribute your voice, and make a difference on campus.

Become a Member

Join a Council

One of the most direct ways to get involved with the Senate is by joining your college's council. By becoming a member, you will have the opportunity to represent your college, voice the concerns of your peers, and work towards solutions that directly impact your academic experience. Learn more about your college council and how to join.

Senate Committees

Another great way to get involved is by participating in Senate Committees. These groups focus on various academic and policy-related issues, from curriculum changes to community advocacy initiatives. Whether your interest lies in policy making, university affairs, or financial affairs, there is a committee for you.

Leadership Positions 

Each year, the Senate of College Councils holds elections for executive positions. These positions offer an unparalleled opportunity to gain leadership experience, drive organizational strategy, and create tangible impact at UT Austin.

Learn how to apply to the SCC

Other Ways to Get Involved

Attend Meetings

All students are welcome to attend Senate's general body meetings, which are a great opportunity to learn about current issues and initiatives, and to have your voice heard. Check out our calendar for upcoming meeting dates and join us in discussing the issues that matter most to UT Austin students.


From organizing academic events to supporting our communications, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities in the Senate. Volunteering can be a great way to contribute without a large time commitment.

Write Legislation

Did you know that all UT Austin students, regardless of their membership status with the Senate, have the power to write and propose legislation? This is your chance to bring your innovative ideas to life and effect meaningful change in our university. You don’t need to be an expert in policy or legislation - we have resources and guides to help you through the process.

Learn how to write legislation

Remember, no contribution is too small. The Senate is a platform where your ideas can become initiatives, and your voice can promote change. Reach out to us to discover more ways to get involved. Let's make a difference at UT Austin, together! 

Learn how to get involved:

Apply to the Senate of College Councils

Make positive change at UT and learn how to join our team! As a student governance organization, our mission is to work with university leadership to improve the academic culture of our campus and advocate for students' academic needs.

Learn how to Write Legislation

See something around campus that you wish was different? Have an Idea about something you want to change on campus? See below on how you can put your ideas on paper!

Attend our biweekly General Assembly

Join the conversation and have your voice heard at our General Assembly. Here, students engage with Senate and other college councils, contributing to the rich tapestry of academic discourse at UT Austin.

SCC Family

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Thursday February 22, 2024, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Recurs: Weekly on Thursday at 6:00pm until Thu, Apr 25 2024
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Thursday February 29, 2024, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Recurs: Weekly on Thursday at 6:00pm until Thu, Apr 25 2024
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Thursday March 7, 2024, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Recurs: Weekly on Thursday at 6:00pm until Thu, Apr 25 2024
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Why Senate?

Hear from some of our recent alumni…

I wanted to find a family on campus and learn more about the university to push for positive change! The energy and passion of the people that you are surrounded by in Senate is truly incredible and is something that I always want to be around.

 - Steven Ding, President 2021-2022, UT ‘22

“I always wanted to have a part in student leadership and didn’t have the chance to in high school, and I saw that Senate was an organization that had shown tangible work and wasn’t just for show and wanted to be a part of that. The wonderful friends and memories that I have gotten from Senate are more than enough to make me want to stay, and the resources that are available through Senate further help with initiatives I had.”

- Andrew Spires, Funds Co-Chair 2021-2022, UT ‘23

“I joined Senate because I wanted to find a community where I could truly be myself as a Queer South Asian Muslim woman. When I got to UT, I had a hard time finding a place that fully understood and embraced my experiences, but in Senate I found a welcoming and supportive environment where I felt accepte. It also gave me the opportunity to advocate for the issues I care about and recognize the connection between academics and the intersectionality of identities. If you’re searching for a home away from home, I highly recommend joining Senate.”

  • Sameeha Rizvi, Vice-President 2022-2023, UT’23

“I joined Senate because I wanted to learn about campus issues and work to fix them. Throughout my four years in Senate, I made lifelong friends and witnessed transformative change to make this campus a better place. I can’t imagine my college experience without Senate and am so grateful for all the memories.”

  • Echo Nattinger, President 2022-2023, UT’23